Our Story

CAS Severn, a company of continuous growth, change, and reinvention, has prospered by fulfilling a need in the business community: Helping companies make the best possible IT decisions.

Carson Soule and Doug Gerstmyer founded the company in 1978. At the time, Mr. Gerstmyer was attempting to expand a business in the automotive industry. While trying to acquire software for an IBM System/32 computer, he realized how difficult procuring small business software could be. He and Mr. Soule saw the need for a software house to create software products and provide services for small businesses, and CAS Severn was created.

It began as Computer Applications Specialists, with a small team of five programmers. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded. In the early 1980s, we saw the opportunity to further our offerings by developing software applications for retail, distribution, and non-profit organizations. This move helped us expand our client base and establish a network engineering practice. In the 1990s, we became an IBM hardware reseller to complement its software and service offerings. In 1995, we moved into a 31,000 square foot facility in Laurel, Maryland to accommodate our growth.

We opened a second location in Richmond, Virginia in 1998 to provide closer resources to the southern region. Then, in 2001, Severn Companies, Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of CAS, a move which expanded our industry coverage to the public sector, federal government, and higher education accounts.

As we grew and changed, we added more offices in Denver, Kansas City, Charlottesville, and Albuquerque. Today, we have about 100 employees working in offices in different locations throughout the country.

Our company has thrived, regardless of economic climate, because our clients know that our expertise is invaluable.

Our focus has been simple: Provide clients with the intelligent answers they need to get the job done. Whether it’s helping a client to augment their staff, advising on products that will fulfill their business needs, or aiding them to use the resources they have more efficiently, the team at CAS has been there to answer the call.

When your business has a problem, you don’t want to turn to Internet searches to help you sort it out. You want a real person, an expert with years of experience, to lead you through it. That’s intelligent answers. That’s CAS Severn.