Application Development & Systems Integration

When it comes to application development and systems integration, a one-size-fits-all service approach will leave you stretched thin. But the custom approach is just the right fit.

CAS Severn views each customer case differently. Maybe you want to develop a new application, or maybe you just need your current applications to communicate with each other for more efficient performance. Regardless of your needs, we’ll deliver, without compromise.

We offer:

  • Collaboration and content management: Through our collaboration solutions, we provide the ability to manage various document versions, build out document-driven processes, and automate publishing processes.
  • Application modernization: Your programs still work well, but they could use a visual refresh to optimize user experience. That’s where we come in. CAS Severn can develop a web browser on the front-end interface to give your programs a user-friendly feel without disrupting their functionality.
  • Workflow automation: If you’re still sifting through paper copies, it’s time to shift gears and get away from the paper trail. We can help you automate your workflow to cut down on manual paper-driven processes and simplify your document management.
  • Software administration and performance tuning: Even if you have the right application in place, that doesn’t mean it will run the way you want it to. Performance tuning is vital to ensure that your application is configured properly to achieve your desired outcomes. We modify, adjust, and tune your server settings so you can maximize your application investment.