In the world of security today, you need to watch your back. Data breaches are constant, and security threats are becoming more sophisticated by the day. Some of the biggest security hacks and breaches have involved the biggest organizations in the world—including eBay, AOL, Apple, Sony PSN, and JP Morgan Chase.

CAS Severn can watch your back to make sure your organization isn’t next on the data breach list. We can implement solutions to monitor your data, infrastructure, people, and physical security. Moreover, we have a keen understanding—based on years of experience and consistent work in the field—of the best practices needed to protect your valuable assets, applications, and endpoints. With our help, you won’t make the same mistakes we’ve seen others make.

Security framework - services
Security framework - services

We offer:

  • Network security management. We work with your IT team to keep unauthorized intruders from gaining access to your network.
  • Vulnerability assessment consulting. The dedicated CAS Severn security team will assess your current systems and uncover the vulnerabilities in your systems. Once we have better insight into your current security posture, we’ll devise a plan to make security improvements and ensure that these vulnerabilities won’t arise again. Click to read more
  • Risk management. Our team can help you weigh the risks and benefits of implementing a new technology solution. We have the expertise in aligning the technology with your current business processes.
  • IT security compliance and reporting. CAS Severn will assist you with automating security compliance and remediation, as well as integrating user provisioning with endpoint security to ensure the safety of your information.

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