Bridging the Hybrid IT Gap with STaaS


Hybrid IT, which blends on-premises, edge and cloud infrastructure services and assets, is the future state of resource consumption for progressive organizations. With any hybrid environment, growing pains are the norm as customers, vendors and service providers look to create a powerful mix of offerings that blend the dynamic provisioning and flexible pricing of cloud with the resiliency and performance that on-premises infrastructure professionals are accustomed to.


Storage as a service (STaaS) is surging in popularity; the opex-based model for acquiring storage infrastructure provides multiple benefits that the traditional capex purchasing model doesn’t offer. These include flexibility to get the performance and capacity resources the organization needs in a timely manner, and a less disruptive lifecycle management that isn’t impacted by major refresh and retirement events associated with upgrading and replacing arrays. Since customers are concerned not only with acquisition costs but also operational costs for managing and maintaining arrays, STaaS provides an alternative consumption model.


Key Findings
– Hybrid IT is the future of infrastructure.
– Organizations are facing numerous storage challenges.
– The transition from capex to opex is difficult for some.
– STaaS can provide enterprise capabilities with opex pricing.

Market: Commercial Business

Solution Area: Security, Storage, Consolidation

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Organizations are facing a wide array of problems that are becoming worse with time given that data is growing at rapid rates while budgets are only increasing by modest amounts. This situation is creating an opportunity for companies to explore alternatives to traditional on-premises storage systems, such as public cloud storage and innovative consumption models like STaaS. A key difference between a capex purchase and STaaS is that the vendor not only owns the asset in the deployment, but it also has responsibility for maintaining and optimizing the resources to ensure that customers get the business value they desire.

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