CAS Severn Develops Java Application for Healthcare Association


A disorganized, paper-centric database that was hard to manage.


  • An electronic system that keeps track of many factors that used to be done by hand.
  • Application Development, Java, DB2, WebSphere.


A huge time savings and a far more organized system.

Market: Healthcare

Solution Area: Applications Development

When this specialized medical board first contracted with CAS Severn in 2006, they needed help with a paper nightmare. The client is a board that keeps track of doctors in a specialty medical field. Based in Texas, it is kept organized by a 10-person office.

The board is responsible for certifying doctors in the specialty area. This includes administering exams, tracking doctors as they progress and get re-certified and taking payments for these activities. Before contracting with CAS Severn, every process was done on paper. Doctors applied through paper applications, which were then processed; payments were made by sending checks through the mail.

When someone needed to schedule an oral exam, great pains were taken to make sure the doctor would not know the person administering the exam. This required a labor-intensive process that took hours of time and was a huge burden on the small staff.

The CAS Severn team built a custom system for the client to keep track of all its processes. The system, powered by Java, allows staff to instantly see where each candidate is in the process of their certification and keeps track of test scores, payments, and scheduling. The system can send out e-mails automatically to inform candidates when they are missing an element of their certification.

Another element CAS Severn tackled for the client’s system was an exam-generation component. For certification exams, doctors help to write the questions. The board pairs up two doctors who work together, editing each other’s questions and sending them in for approval. In the past, these doctors were mailing copies of their work back and forth and then mailing them in for approval. Now, the system pairs up the doctors electronically, moving possession of the question between the paired doctors and on for approval to the board.

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