CAS Severn Helps County Plan for IT Future


A need for a disaster recovery plan


Disaster Recovery and IT Strategic Planning


  • A detailed analysis of 20 departments and 11 sub-departments.
  • A plan that outlined potential risks the government faced.
  • A plan to reduce those risks with consideration of the budgetary limitations.

Market: State & Local Government

Solution Area: IT Strategic Planning, Disaster Recovery

A county government retained CAS Severn in 2008 to construct an IT recovery plan that would allow the formation of a plan for storing, backing up and archiving applications, servers, and data to limit its risk in case of a disaster.

Using its proven methodology, the team at CAS Severn completed a commercial business application review, reviewed the IT infrastructure the county government already had, performed a gap analysis, and developed a high-level IT recovery strategy. Twenty departments and eleven sub-departments were included in the analysis.

The team at CAS Severn provided the county with a budget planning guide for fiscal year 2009, an outline of potential risks for commercial business units and possible mediation activities, a baseline cost model for the recovery center, and a recovery build-out model to be used for future IT direction.

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