CAS Severn Manages Data Center Move


Moving a large, federal, complex data center to a new location.


IT strategic planning and project management.


A consolidated data center in a new facility.

Market: Federal Government

Solution Area: IT Strategic Planning, Project Management

An agency of the Department of Transportation tasked CAS Severn with physically relocating the agency’s entire IT infrastructure.

CAS Severn planned the move step-by-step and executed it in a single weekend. The team had to first ensure that the IT infrastructure was fully functional and certified prior to the relocation. We did an inventory of all of the data center servers, network devices, scanners, and associated equipment and prepared them for relocation. Our project manager carefully planned the move, including the building of the new facilities across town, the power and cooling, and all the cabling. Then during a single weekend, our team conducted the move: we decommissioned everything, boxed it up, and moved it to the new facility.

Once all of the IT equipment was relocated to the new facility, our team did an inventory and installation all of the data center servers, the network infrastructure, the workstations, and printers. We tested and certified the IT environment and provided support after the relocation as it was needed.

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