CAS Severn Streamlines Medical Filing System


  • A cumbersome medical filing systems.
  • Medical claims audits were being passed to different locations on physical CDs.




  • An imaged medical records system and a way to audit claims electronically.
  • A decrease in the time it takes to respond to beneficiaries.

Market: Healthcare

Solution Area: Applications Development

CAS Severn helped the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) enhance their system of managing patient information. Previously, CMS had been auditing medical claims by transferring medical records physically on CDs between geographically disperse locations. The medical files were being managed on a file system which was cumbersome to manage.

The CAS Severn team provided an imaged medical records system and provided a BPM functionality to audit the claims. The team also leveraged IBM’s content management applications to provide the central repository of imaged medical documents and provide the Business Process Management functions.The system has significantly decreased response time to CMS beneficiaries.

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