EHR Improvements Provide Better Patient-Centric Care


A behavioral healthcare provider needed to enhance their electronic health record (EHR) to better support patient-centered care and meaningful use.


  • A new, browser-based “Care Plan” software module as an extension to the client’s existing electronic health record.
  • Electronic signature pad support is included to allow patients to participate in the process by reviewing and co-signing the plan for their care.
  • Application Development, Lotus Domino and Notes.


The “Care Plan” software module helps the healthcare provider to involve patients and their families in the design of their care.

Market: Healthcare

Solution Area: Applications Development

CAS Severn is the primary software developer of an electronic health record (EHR) for a not-for-profit, behavioral healthcare provider that specializes in mental health, substance abuse, and prevention services.

The organization wanted to empower their patients to take on a more active role in the development and implementation of their care. The concept of patient-centered care allows the patient and their families to become an integral part of the care team who collaborate with health care professionals in making clinical decisions. Patient-centered care also ensures that transitions between providers, departments, and health care settings are coordinated and efficient.

CAS Severn was charged with developing an application to meet the healthcare provider’s needs. A primary tool used for delivering patient-centered care was the development of a new, browser-based “Care Plan” software module as an extension to the organization’s existing electronic health record. Components of the new Care Plan include managing the patient’s care team, capturing their life goal, identifying transition plans, documenting barriers to treatment, and developing short-term goals. Built-in review cycles and reminders ensure that the plan is consistently reevaluated so it remains relevant and effective.

CAS Severn leveraged a rapid web and mobile application development platform called XPages to develop this new software module. XPages software applications are hosted by an IBM Lotus Domino server and focus on the web development standards HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The programming model is based on standards and common web development skills like Ajax, the Dojo Toolkit, and server-side JavaScript.

CAS Severn also implemented electronic signature capture technology provided by Topaz Systems, Inc. Digital signatures are used so care providers and patients can electronically sign their Care Plan on-the-spot without the burden of having to print, sign, and scan a paper form.

In summary, the EHR Care Plan software developed by CAS Severn provides the healthcare provider with the tools to better engage patients and their families and improve care coordination.
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