How Ransomware & COVID fast tracked Modernization at Fairfax Co


Modern Initiatives, New Threats.

Even before COVID-19, management had begun other goal modernization initiatives, such as low-impact disaster and ransomware recovery. The county was working to use hybrid cloud resources for consolidated computing and storage.


A Better Hybrid Fit

Nutanix offers a better fit for a complete hybrid cloud environment with a hyper-converged private cloud plus new workloads in the public cloud.

Before the transition to Nutanix, four people managed storage. Now, no one is needed to manage the storage as it’s integrated into the computing platform. As a result, the local storage using both the SAP and SQL systems reduced operating costs and enhanced performance by about 50%.


The county needed a modern environment to support modern work, such as remote access, digital workflows, and collaboration. The environment delivers resource efficiency and cost optimization and improves security. The ZT approach speeds recovery and protects workers and citizens from ransomware.

Fairfax leveraged CAS Severn’s unique understanding of the technologies integrated to provide a completely remote work and hybrid cloud solution to get each project completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

Market: State & Local Government

Solution Area: Security, Storage, Disaster Recovery

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