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Our premier product, BioSig-ID™ is a patented software-only biometric password that uses gesture-based biometric technology for identity verification online. This revolutionary software offers the highest level of security on the market today—a biometric—without the need for dedicated hardware. Uniquely privacy-friendly and non-invasive, BioSig-ID requires no scans of body parts. Its gesture technology is dynamic, so passwords can’t be lost, stolen or borrowed.

BioSig-ID was selected by the White House for a pilot program to combat identity theft. BioSig-ID resolves the problems inherent in all physical biometrics: Physical data provides the highest certainty in identity authentication but the most risk as it can never be replaced. BioSig-Id is the only biometric that can be revoked and reissued. BioSig-ID™ uses only a mouse, stylus or finger to log users in and offers multi-factor authentication.

Applications include student identity proofing, secure online banking, healthcare records access and any other identity verifications for Internet transactions. – Lowest cost technology solution for *unlimited* ID authentication – Fastest ROI – reduce time and expense by eliminating physical ID verification and hardware intensive solutions – 3rd party tested to be 99.97% accurate in keeping impostors out – 3X better than the standard for biometric accuracy set by National Institute of Standards for Technology (NIST) – Can be used on any system, tablet, smartphone, Android, Mac or PC, Flash or HTML5 – 98% positive user experience – Under 1% help desk requests PLUS: BioSig-ID does not require any installation on the end-user’s computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Once a user has registered their profile, their identity can be authenticated any time or place (unlimited authentications) with full audit trail reporting.

Biometric Signature ID products and services are available to all government agencies through CAS Severn’s Chief Information Officer – IT Commodities/Solutions (CIO-CS).contract vehicle with NITAAC.


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