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The bar has been raised. It is no longer “SSD” vs “Spinning Disk”. It is Non-Volatile vs Non-Volatile. When it comes to performance, power management, reliability, efficiency, flexibility and affordability, the question, “When is Fast, Fast Enough?” becomes a key value proposition.

StorByte founders have dedicated their lives to developing and deploying the toughest 24×365 real-time capture and constant contact processing environments on the planet. The systems that provide our first line of defense identifying, capturing and containing front line cyber attacks, protecting the most vital and sensitive information of our nation and commercial businesses.

Birthed by necessity to provide longer life cycles, lower power, and reduced heat with a real-world correct cost of ownership model, upgradeable, sustainable. The Eco • Flash16, Advanced, Non-Volatile, Memory Management Architecture. Welcome to the world of StorByte.

Storbyte products and services are available to all government agencies through CAS Severn’s Chief Information Officer – IT Commodities/Solutions (CIO-CS) contract vehicle with NITAAC.

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