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Stromasys is the world leader in enterprise-class virtualization solutions for legacy systems. We emulate servers from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), HPE, and Oracle, including Sun SPARC, Digital VAX and Alpha, HP 3000 and PDP-11. Our​ Charon solutions run legacy applications and their operating systems (OpenVMS, Tru64, MPE/iX, and Solaris) on Windows or Linux native, or under VMware. Founded in 1988, we are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland; Raleigh, NC; and Hong Kong. Our global presence extends to mission-critical installations at the world’s leading companies in 70+ countries. We have enabled nuclear power plants, extensive rail networks, essential government and military organizations, and complex industrial automation users to continue operating their existing software on modern hardware. We are a profitable, growing company, leading our field. We partner in solutions and sales with leading technology companies including Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AWS, VMware, Red Hat, NetApp, Nutanix, Cisco, Intel.


virtualization, legacy systems, OpenVMS, Tru64, Emulation, SPARC, MPE, Migration, Vax / Alpha virtualization, alpha, PDP-11, HP 3000 virtualization, sparc virtualization, and solaris

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