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VTIER Systems is an innovator focused on bringing disruptive new storage technology to market. Our passion is exploiting tier-based storage technologies along with intelligent caching algorithms to automate data management and enable storage to adapt to business needs in real time. Storage has been too complex, too inflexible and too expensive for too long. VTIER Storage products are built upon innovation and vision. We surveyed the industry and realized there was a need for a disruptive storage solution that provided innovation built around Disk Tiereing technology and improved upon the storage management and operational paradigms found in both traditional block and file storage systems. The VTIER OS is a block based storage OS that also delivers file services. VTIER Engine architecture is also powered by innovative solid state caching algoritms enabling our systems to deliver the performance of solid state with the cost profile of hard disk systems. The VTIER OS runs on industry standard hardware architectures enabling Software Defined Storage to be created and delivered that can capitalize on industry innovation rapidly. Our multiprotocol support with Fibre Channel, iSCSI, CIFS, VTL and NFS ensures that the VTIER can address 100% of storage market needs.

VTIER products and services are available to all government agencies through CAS Severn’s Chief Information Officer – IT Commodities/Solutions (CIO-CS) contract vehicle with NITAAC.


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