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Broadband Telecom

CAS Severn provides telecom network infrastructure services to cities and municipalities looking to build open or closed access networks for their residents.


Smart Cities

CAS Severn can bring Smart City technology to an area near you.

To keep up with the trends of 21st century ‘sustainable urban development’, cities must upgrade their existing facilities to keep up with these new dimensions in urbanization. A Smart City takes a broad approach in unifying technology, computer science. information technology, remote sensing, and anthropology to provide a higher quality of life for its inhabitants.

By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), cities can improve their infrastructure, public utilities, and services. By using sensors, lights, and meters to collect and analyze data in real-time, both administration and front-end users can access information to make public spaces cleaner, safer, and more efficient.


  • Professional Services
    • Broadband Consulting
    • Application and Mobile Development
    • Project Management
  • Engineering Services
    • Wireless Design and Implementation
    • Fiber Design and Implementation
    • GIS Services

RCR & Southside Region

The Regional Connectivity Ring (RCR) involves building out a fiber optic backbone system which will serve as the foundation for smart region development in the Southside region of Virginia. The RCR will run through each of the five Southside cities: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake. Their proposed strategy incorporates a dark fiber, open access ring, which will be used to connect all five cities to the transatlantic cable landings. The committee believes the Regional Connectivity Ring (RCR) is a foundation for Smart Region development and digitally-empowered communities.

Benefits from RCR will be a catalyst for social and cultural change with a goal of empowering citizens within their communities. The regional ring will allow local governments to serve citizens and engage businesses while simultaneously laying the groundwork for deploying future technologies and security enhancements, and improving interoperability.

The Southside Cities Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Portsmouth are each developing their own Smart City projects based around the Regional Smart City Initiative. Each project will better connect and enhance their city’s individual needs. Such regional cooperation serves as a launching pad for introducing replicable, scalable solutions to common challenges and advancing innovation.

Virginia Beach

The region is developing and enabling transportation and innovation corridors such as the Entertainment Corridor in Virginia Beach, which extends from the Oceanfront to the Convention center. The corridor encompasses the revitalization of the Entertainment District, with the help of Pharrell Willams, the once Dome site that held concerts will be made into a Surf Wave Park surrounded by shops, restaurants, and music.


Norfolk will be incorporating smart technologies into their Elizabeth River Trail. Including new technology will enhance the citizen’s experience on the trail. The goal is to reduce waste, a more guided experience, and create a more sustainable environment.


In collaboration with the Dollar Tree company, the downtown area of Chesapeake will have their entertainment and shops improved to create a functioning walking life center where people can live, play, and work all within walking distance.

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