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Application Development and Software Integration

Looking for a new application or perhaps you want to allow disparate applications to communicate with each other. Or you need real-time connectivity. Maybe you need to better document your business processes.

Chances are you’re charged with reducing the costs of holding face-to-face meetings, or you need better access to information — more timely, more efficient. You get the point. If you need it, we can customize it to make it work for your unique business need.

Here are the many areas within application development and software integration where we are experienced:

  • Custom Development
  • Application Integration
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Collaboration
  • Process Documentation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Application Performance Tuning
  • Application Modernization

CAS Severn’s application development and software integration services team will develop and customize the solution to fit your specific IT and business needs, whatever they may be.

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Data Center Move Services

CAS Severn works closely with clients before, during and after a data center move to handle every aspect of the move with minimal disruption to business. We pay close attention to protecting the integrity of physical assets, and provide the technical support to ensure systems are ready to go back into operation.

CAS Severn brings strong project management practices, broad technical expertise, and deep partner relationships to execute each move. With our proven process and pre-move planning, many moves can be completed in one day.

Every step of the way, the team works together following a specific and documented process.

  • Discover: We work with your team to identify and document your inventory and develop amigration strategy, timeline, post-move testing and debrief plan.
  • Plan: From mover selection and coordination, identifying physical challenges of the move, and identifying key personnel, to testing the plan itself, you can count on our multi-disciplined team to provide a professional turn-key experience.
  • Execute: The project managers work closely with all internal and external teams to ensure things go smoothly on the day of the move. Contingency plans are made for any foreseeablechallenges and often we are able to leverage our deep partner relationships to handle the unexpected. Working with multiple vendors requires coordination and diplomacy. With more than 45 partners, CAS Severn leverages strong relationships to keep things moving smoothly.
  • Close: With a wrap up at the original data center, and a final move and debrief document deliverable, the CAS Severn structured approach takes what can be a complex process to a low-stress experience from beginning to end, with minimal disruption and downtime.

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Enterprise Security Management

Securing your corporate enterprise is a critical aspect of your business. Especially protecting your valuable corporate information and systems. This is where CAS Severn comes in. Our specialists can work with your IT management team to devise a plan and implement security solutions for your infrastructure, systems, and applications.

Unfortunately, we hear more and more about the problems facing organizations with regards to lack of sufficient infrastructure security. From losing unencrypted tapes to stories about the wrong people

accessing sensitive data, these issues are on the rise. Don’t let these things happen to you.

Create a strategy and implement a solution that won’t cause you to lose sleep at night. Here are the many areas within security management where we are experienced:

  • Network Vulnerability Assessments
  • Network Security Strategies
  • Penetration Testing
  • Single Sign-on Solutions
  • Strategic Security Consulting User Access Management
  • User Identity Management
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

Don’t be the next organization mentioned in the news being referenced for losing critical information that wasn’t secured and protected. This is not only painful to the ego but can take years to recover from reputation wise and operationally.

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Information Technology (IT) Consulting

IT Consulting is where it all begins — and where we begin.

You tell us what your problems are, we analyze what you have, we think and talk and doodle and design and meet and redesign and come back to you with the precise IT answer you need based on your budget.

Whatever the size of your company, whatever your industry, whatever your IT issue — we can advise on how to improve your technology platform, and with it, your bottom line.

Consulting means different things to different people. To us, it means bringing our most experienced business and technology resources to bear on providing alternatives and answers that will help you maximize your existing IT investment, reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Our consultants take a structured, planned approach, specific to your business, your requirements and your goals in identifying alternatives. Big or small, public or private, CAS Severn’s IT Consulting Division can help you identify the right IT answers for your organization.

Our IT Consulting expertise is incorporated into the following areas:

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Infrastructure Design & Implementation Planning
  • Systems & Facility Migration Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Software & Application Planning

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IT Staff Augmentation

Studies show that outsourcing your IT needs can result in improved financial health and performance for companies in most industries.

Whether you require a new skill set or extra help, have a short- or long-term need, CAS Severn can provide the experts who’ll get it done right on an as needed basis. From Network Specialists to Application Developers to Help Desk Support — in depth and breadth of expertise — our IT Staff Augmentation team is unrivaled.

Which lets you breathe a little easier. And not blow your budget.

For most of our customers, staffing up an IT operation is outside their core competencies. Still, they need experienced staff to keep their operations moving. CAS Severn will do the heavy IT lifting. We’ll hire and manage your IT support staff. From systems administration, database design, infrastructure service-oriented architecture (SOA) design and management, to help desk support — you name it, CAS Severn will provide it. It is our core competency.

For two days or two month or two years — from the simple to the complex — our IT Augmentation

staff will take care of it. So you don’t have to.

Our IT Staff Augmentation expertise is incorporated into the following areas:

  • Architecture/Design/Analysis
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Application Design and Development
  • Program/Project Management
  • Data Center and Network Operations Services

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System and Storage Management

Are you being pressured to simultaneously reduce IT spending and meet increasing demands for information storage and system management?

You may be saddled with technologies that don’t work with each other or you’re limited by outmoded legacy systems.

System and storage management is a major component of optimizing your existing IT infrastructure, whether by consolidation, automation, upgrades, outsourcing or virtualization. Optimizing means making what you have work better for you.

Businesses today are faced with the challenge of limited IT budgets, disparate systems and the need to keep business critical applications available at all times. Often the IT infrastructure would be adequate if only resources could be used more efficiently.

CAS Severn’s system and storage management experts can help make the most of your existing infrastructure without blowing your budget.

Here are our many areas of expertise within System and Storage Management:

  • Server Consolidation and Virtualization
  • Storage Consolidation and Virtualization
  • High Availability & Clustering
  • Data Backup and Recovery Management
  • Network and Directory / Service Design / Implementation
  • Enterprise Systems Management

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