In today’s technology landscape, it seems like whatever your IT hosting needs are, there is a cloud service model to match. The versatility of the cloud extends to hardware, software, storage, disaster recovery, and other IT management areas. Whether you need to run the cloud in a private, public, or hybrid environment, CAS Severn can configure different cloud network and deployment options for each customers.

Powered by the SoftLayer cloud infrastructure, CAS Severn offers cloud service and deployment models for:

  • IaaS—We can help you offload the on-premise management complexity of your IT environment.
  • SaaS—We provide hosted software services and alleviate the complexity of a software implementation across multiple industries. As an example, our SPIRIT offering serves the YMCA membership and operations marketplace.
  • PaaS—With our platform-as-a-service offering, such as our IBM Endpoint Management suite, we offer simplified management at a lower cost and with attention to keeping platforms up-to-date.