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Multi-hybrid Cloud

Our clients leverage multiple SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services with on-premise IT. We can assist you in defining which workloads should operate in the appropriate environment and provide the best products and services to meet your goals.

Cloud-native Infrastructure
and Storage

The cornerstone of the on-premise portion of hybrid cloud. We architect and deliver the best hyperconverged, webscale, and big data solutions to enable workload mobility to and from the cloud.

Cloud-integrated Data
Protection and DR

Our deepest core competency. We deliver the best data protection solutions for archiving and DR in the cloud. Successful implementations for clients range from 10TB to 20PB-size environments.

Containerization and Cloud Mobility

Containers have fundamentally changed how IT and applications are delivered. We can help you understand how containers can enable seamless cloud migration for your organization, while eliminating cloud lock in.

Cyber Security

As organizations disperse workloads across multiple services, the IT fragmentation results in a widened threat envelope. We take an integrated approach to building and managing healthy security environments across people, processes, and networks, allowing you to keep the new threat vectors in check.

Consulting and Professional Services

To enable your multi-cloud environment, you will need next-gen skills and new processes. Our highly-certified technical staff and managed services are guided by a comprehensive project management office to ensure end-to-end quality for every implementation.

Optimizing Your Cloud Strategy

Tailoring Multi-Hybrid Cloud Roadmaps for Maximum Organizational Return

Secure Hybrid Cloud

We Keep Our Clients Out in Front
of Technology Waves; with Fewer Meetings.

Hybrid Cloud Excellence

Private | Hybrid | Public | Webscale


Disaster | Ransomware | Operational

Cyber Security Enrichment

ZeroTrust | SaaS | Data Security

Vertical + Client Focused

SLED | FED | Financial | Healthcare

Prioritizing and delivering a multi-hybrid cloud makes you more competitive, agile, and one step ahead of the competition. Determining which areas will provide the greatest return is the biggest challenge. We work to understand your goals and requirements, and provide an unbiased perspective on how to accomplish your mission.

We are committed to delivering best-in-class solutions on time, on budget, and within scope—without taking any shortcuts. And, we don’t disappear after the job is done, providing post-sales support and consulting services as needed with our team of experienced senior consultants, architects, and engineers.

We architect solutions for clients with these goals in mind:

  • Simplify processes and technologies to enable agility and scale.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with rapid time to market.
  • Increase performance and availability.
  • Improve infrastructure security and gain control and visibility of the entire environment.

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At CAS Severn, our goal is to provide our customers with insight and best-in-breed technology so they can meet their goals for growth and success. We pride ourselves in our long-term relationships with our clients and completely embrace our roles as trusted advisors for their IT environments. Committed to providing our clients with the right solution for their individual needs, our job is not done until our customers’ problems are solved.

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