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To stay stride for stride with the latest technology demands, you need a partner that understands your specific needs and can work within your budget to get the job done. CAS Severn knows the challenges facing the education industry, speaks your language, and understands your pain points.

We strive to help you harness the maximum potential of your IT infrastructure and achieve your educational program goals.

We’ll deliver the IT solutions that can help drive individual program needs while meeting cost and performance requirements. These solutions include IT infrastructure consulting and strategy, data protection, storage, disaster recovery, and security.



In a tough economy, you need to work with solutions you already have to make them fit your needs. CAS Severn has the creativity and expertise help you get the most out of your current solutions.

In education, sometimes IT solutions need to be implemented over a few budget cycles. We can help you make sure you have a plan to get an entire project completed within your budget.

Prior to making any technology recommendations, the CAS Severn team will take the time to understand your current IT environment, identify any gaps, and help you develop a short-term and long-term plan of action.

CAS Severn is a conference sponsor for the Association of Collegiate Computing Services of Virginia (ACCS) and the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC).

To see how we have helped some of our education clients, please visit our Case Studies.


The GDPR applies to any organization established outside of the EU that processes any personally identifiable data about residents of the EU in specific instances.

This language is quite broad and will conceivably cover almost any website on the Internet that is globally available, offers goods or services, and collects personal information of any kind.

It is anticipated that the GDPR will apply to U.S. institutions in a variety of scenarios, including institution-controlled public-facing websites that offer goods or services, any websites that tracks personally identifiable user information or behavior, student study abroad programs, and potentially any research about residents of the EU that could in some way identify them.

For example, enrollment activities may be covered under the GDPR if an institution is targeting or enrolling people located in the EU and the institution collects personal data about those individuals during the enrollment or recruitment process.*

*Source: Educause

Visit our GDPR for Higher Education Resource page »


To get information about any of the following contracts, please contact Mark Belluz, Director – S/L/ED & Financial Services at CAS Severn 1.800.252.4715 or mbelluz@cassevern.com.

Technology Products, Services and Solutions

Lead Agency: Fairfax County, VA
Contract Number: 44000012308
12/21/23 – 10/31/28
Five (5) One – Year Renewal Options

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National Purchasing Cooperative
Charles County Public Schools Local Area Network (LAN) Infrastructure Equipment
Contract #: LIE-1617
Contract Period: 8/1/12 – 6/30/21
Prince George’s Community College
Contract #: 1807CAS
Contract Expiration: 6/30/23
Fauquier County Government and School Board
Contract #: CAS-68-18ksc
Contract Expiration: 7/31/21
(with 2 additional 1-year options)
Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC) – IT Hardware
Contract #: UMD-972016
Contract Expiration: 3/14/23
(with 1 additional 3-year option)
Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium (VHEPC)
Contract #UVA-AGR-IT-002020-CASSevern
Expiration Date: 12/31/25 (with 2 additional 2-year options)
Prince George’s Community College – MEEC – IT Security Services and Solutions
Contract #: #PGCC-20-10
Contract Expiration: 6/30/24
(with 2 additional 3-year options)

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