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At CAS Severn, we understand that each business has unique IT challenges and opportunities. That’s why our Consulting and Professional Services are designed to offer more than just technical expertise. We dive deep into your specific needs, combining industry insights with technological innovation to develop strategies and solutions that truly transform your IT landscape.

Project Management Services

From small to large IT projects, CAS Severn project managers (PMs) can provide oversight to your team, or manage your project end to end. From initial planning, to monitoring, to closing, we can have resources on your site, or working remote. Our professional PMs adhere to the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) practices for development and services for project management.

Learn more about our PMO.

Application Development and Software Integration

CAS Severn draws from a team experienced engineers and developers, so you can rest assured that we can handle any application development project your organization requires. Our team can address a specific stage in the software development lifecycle, or deliver the entire project from start to finish. We are a technology and platform-agnostic organization, with deep expertise with IBMMicrosoft, and HP and more.


CAS Severn has skills and experience in these areas:

  • Custom development
  • Application integration
  • Business process modeling
  • Collaboration
  • Process documentation
  • Workflow automation
  • Application performance tuning
  • Application modernization


Start your project with a comprehensive evaluation

At CAS Severn, our goal is to provide our clients with insight and recommendations so they can meet their goals for growth and success. A good place to start is with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate how technology is supporting and aligned with the business goals.

Our engineers and consultants maintain the highest levels of certification and are continuously learning and keeping up to date with the newest technological advancements to ensure that our customers get the best advice.

And, CAS Severn’s project management office provides guidance to the projects and programs that we manage.


Application and system protection is a CAS Severn specialty both on-premise and in the cloud. We start by assessing your current data protection needs, then work with leading IT vendors to provide best-in-class solutions that can work in different IT environments.

To help you determine where you stand for backup and recovery in your IT environment, we offer two different assessments:

  • Assessment 1 is an health check for your current systems. Upon the completion of this assessment, our team will make recommendations for key changes and improvements.
  • Assessment 2 is for growth and readiness to help us determine if we need to re-architect a backup and recovery solution for new IT infrastructure expansion areas. If you are looking to migrate from your current data protection solution, we also provide a sizing assessment.

With each assessment, you will also gain a policy analysis for how your data is being protected so you can meet various regulatory standards—HIPAA and PCI for example. We will run different tests to make sure you are compliant.


First, our engineers assess what existing infrastructure can be cost effectively leveraged or optimized over the short, mid and long-term. Then we evaluate the best solution investment for the target environment, taking advantage of cloud services where it makes sense and meets your business needs. Upon completion, you will receive a report providing the baseline assessment, a clear summary of the business objectives, and a roadmap outlining steps or recommendations for areas of remediation, tactical improvement, and strategic direction to leverage the cloud where it makes sense.

IT ASSET MANAGEMENT (ITAM) with Siwel Consulting, Inc.

CAS Severn is partnered with Siwel to help clients avoid costly software licensing “gotchas.” The services are designed to provide guidance, strategy and direction to ensure that your contracts are supported and “right-sized” to minimize risk.

  • Siwel helps organizations reconcile software license deployments to entitlements, providing a clear picture of your compliance position with your major providers.
  • Siwel’s Audit Preparation and Audit Response Services provide guidance, strategy and direction for your organization to facilitate and improve the audit process and outcome.


Cybersecurity Consulting

If you’re ready to transform your cybersecurity posture, CAS Severn can help you plan, build, and manage an integrated and proactive strategy that will protect, detect, prioritize, respond, address, and control security breaches. The team of highly experienced professionals has successfully implemented security solutions for organizations of all sizes, including education, healthcare, and state and federal government.

Our consultants can help you with one or all of the following aspects of your security framework:

  • Advanced fraud
  • Cloud identity and access
  • Compliance expertise
  • End point management
  • Data security
  • Identity access management
  • Mobile devices
  • Network security
  • SIEM
  • Security and awareness training

Incident Response Plan

We can help you go from hours to minutes in responding to emerging threats. Working with IBM’s industry-leading platform Resilient, we can make security alerts instantly actionable, provide valuable intelligence and incident context, and enable adaptive response to complex cyber threats. From strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deploy services, to cloud and managed security services, CAS Severn has the expertise to help you stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Penetration Testing

We can help test your applications, network, hardware, and more to defend against attacks. Our security testing program focuses on rapid testing of any target, and management of vulnerability data and analytics to help you rate your risk. Our experts work with you to document your requirements and recommend the appropriate testing profile for each of your targets.

Phishing Testing

Our cybersecurity experts can perform simulations of phishing campaigns, social engineering, ransomware, and physical security violations to determine risks of human behavior.

Vulnerability Assessment

In order to establish an integrated and comprehensive security framework, a good first step is to evaluate your current security posture, identify gaps, and understand what is required to run a robust and more efficient enterprise-wide security program. CAS Severn uses an assessment methodology, based on Industry Standard best practices, that analyzes human behavior, processes for your applications, and infrastructure of your Information Technology (IT) systems. The model provides repeatable, measurable processes and procedures to produce a roadmap designed to identify, prioritize, address, and prevent security breaches.


IT consulting is at the heart of CAS Severn. Our consultants take a structured, planned approach, specific to your business, your requirements, and your goals in identifying alternatives. Big or small, public or private, CAS Severn’s IT Consulting Division can help you identify the right answers for your organization.

  • IT roadmap
  • Infrastructure design and implementation planning
  • Systems and facility migration planning
  • Data protection services
  • Business software and application planning
  • Security: from endpoints to intelligence analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning


CAS Severn works closely with clients before, during, and after a data center move to handle every aspect of the move with minimal disruption to business. We pay close attention to protecting the integrity of physical assets, and provide the technical support to ensure systems are ready to go back into operation. CAS Severn brings strong project management practices, broad technical expertise, and deep partner relationships to execute each move. With our proven process and pre-move planning, many moves can be completed in one day.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation from CAS Severn can help you fill the gaps of your IT department, stretch your IT budget, and provide the extra help you need for your short-term or long-term needs.

Our team of technical professionals hold more than 160 industry certifications. We can work on your site, on our site, or even a third party site – whatever works best for you. CAS Severn’s deep experience working with clients in the Federal, State, Healthcare, Education and Commercial industries means we can provide you with technical resources who understand how IT supports your organization’s objectives.

CAS Severn offers staff augmentation services for:

  • Architecture, design, and analysis
  • Application design and development
  • CyberSecuity end-to-end infrastructure
  • Engineering support services
  • Long-term development, management
  • iSeries (AS/400) support
  • Data center and network operations
  • Data center moves
  • Project management
  • Short-term projects

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At CAS Severn, our goal is to provide our customers with insight and best-in-breed technology so they can meet their goals for growth and success. We pride ourselves in our long-term relationships with our clients and completely embrace our roles as trusted advisors for their IT environments. Committed to providing our clients with the right solution for their individual needs, our job is not done until our customers’ problems are solved.

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