Ensuring Always-On Operations

Cloud-integrated Data Management, Governance and Security

In the multi-cloud world, we have seen the majority of our clients move to active-active data centers with cloud integrated disaster recovery and data protection. The outcome? An always-on business capable of withstanding operational issues and outages as well as larger-scale issues.


We help you define and deliver:

  • Multi-site active-active data centers and fault tolerance.
  • Cloud-integrated data protection and data recovery.
  • Archive and data compliance solutions for SaaS and IaaS, as well as on-premise workloads.
  • Data security, compliance, and encryption.

Multi-Site Active-Active Data Center Architectures

We have delivered multi-data center availability for more than 20 years. We can help you determine what recovery point and recovery time objectives make the most sense for your applications, and balance cost with a new level of availability you may not have thought was possible.

As the cost of infrastructure has dropped and more simplistic active-active designs have come to market, we have delivered these designs for customers of all sizes, in as quickly as a month.

We design these solutions based on your preferred technologies, and work with all the major suppliers and technologies, such as Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, Infinidat, Nutanix, VMware, and more.

Cloud- Integrated Data Protection

We help our clients with three use cases for cloud integrated data protection:

  • Archive less relevant data to the cloud, eliminating tape or expensive deduplication appliances with inexpensive cloud storage.
  • Provide a DR copy out of region in the cloud for recovery of regional issues or disasters.
  • Backing up IaaS and certain PaaS workloads from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM.

We work with the best technologies to enable these use cases, including but not limited to:

  • IBM and Infinidat for our large enterprise users, and users of next gen workloads like Big Data and HPC.
  • Rubrik for a simplified next-gen approach to data protection.
  • VEEAM for simplified and inexpensive enterprise data protection.
  • Additional partners include HYCU, Cohesity, Nexsan, HPE and Dell EMC.

Office 365 & SaaS Data Protection

Panzura: Providing Multi-Cloud Data management for unstructured data. Integrated with AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and on-premise object storage.

Infinidat: Enterprise storage solutions offer the performance, flexibility and reliability necessary to support today’s data intensive enterprises.

HPE Storage: Cloud-ready storage solutions from HPE include all-flash, hybrid, secondary, and backup arrays that are built with storage APIs that integrate natively with AWS, Azure, and other cloud native APIs.

Nexsan: Featuring Assureon unstructured data management. Secure, auditable storage for critical workloads.

Data Security for Sensitive Data

While many of the above solutions enable fault tolerance and operational recoveries for issues like Malware attacks, we also provide best-in-class solutions for identifying critical data (such as personally identifiable information or PII) across your database and unstructured/file data sets, encrypting this data and securing the access to this data. More information on this subject can be provided by speaking to our Cybersecurity team.

We work regularly with comprehensive solutions in this space, including IBM Guardium, StealthBits, and Dell Security.

CAS Severn’s Data Migration Practice

CAS Severn specializes in migration of your block and unstructured storage with little or no disruption to your workload. Includes:

  • On-premise to cloud.
  • On-premise migrations between platforms.
  • Fibre channel migrations.
  • NAS migrations.
  • FileServer migrations.


The CAS Severn Innovation Center offers demonstrations on a more than 10 data protection and storage solutions, from elastic to software-defined. We invite you to see these solutions in action, a proof of concept, or even set up training for your staff. You can see:

  • IBM V7000 Unified Gen2
  • IBM DS5000
  • IBM Elastic Storage Server GS4, SVC DH8s
  • IBM Spectrum Control, Spectrum Protect, Spectrum Virtualize, Spectrum Scale
  • HPE 3par All Flash, Nimble, and StoreOnce
  • VMware ESXi, VSAN, and NSX
  • Dell EMC Proliant Servers, Unity storage, VxRail, Data Protection, and Isilon
  • Rubrik Data Protection
  • Nutanix Cloud Operating System

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