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GOVMVMT is a non-profit group purchasing organization that meets the highest industry standards while putting the public’s interest at the forefront of everything we do. Each one of GOVMVMT’s first-class suppliers has consciously joined our mission to create the most credible, ethical, and public agency-focused non-profit cooperative purchasing program in the country.

Revolutionizing Public Procurement with Ethical, Agency-Focused Cooperative Purchasing Model.

GOVMVMT helps to combine the purchasing power of public agencies from across the country into government contracts that are competitively solicited, evaluated, and awarded by an actual public agency – not a third-party organization. GOVMVMT’s solicitations are based on public agency feedback that is gathered to identify opportunities to address traditionally challenging contracts or to provide efficiency through volumes of scale.

  • Public-Focused
  • Non-Profit
  • Trusted Competitive Solicitation Process
  • Proven Lead Agency Model
  • Top-Tier Suppliers
  • Public Agency Oversight

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