Federal Government

Government agencies face many challenges, including budget concerns, integration complexity, compliance, and IT operations management. With extensive experience working with a wide range of federal agencies, CAS Severn has helped our clients maximize their existing IT resources and alleviate their day-to-day management responsibilities. We understand their needs and speak their language. We also have contracts to suit their buying needs, including the General Services Administration (GSA) contract and the new Chief Information Officer – IT Commodities/Solutions (CIO-CS).

We’ve worked for more than 15 years with the Department of Justice, 10 years with the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare Services, and more than 20 years with healthcare agencies.

Meeting Ever-changing Security and Compliance Needs

One of the biggest areas we help agencies tackle is data security and compliance. We understand that different agencies have to account for different compliance standards and mandates. Regardless of the industry-specific requirements, CAS Severn can help the federal government meet their critical security needs.

Federal standards we’ve dealt with include:

  • Meaningful use
  • Clinic measures

Our solutions for federal government agencies include:

  • Cloud computing
  • IBM EndPoint Management
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Device Management

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Contract Vehicles

To get information about any of the following contracts, please contact Steve Frost at CAS Severn 1.800.252.4715 or sfrost@cassevern.com

General services administration, GSA

Contract #: GS-35F-0380V

Contract period: 4/23/09 - 4/22/19

Chief Information Officer- IT Commodities/Solutions, CIO-CS

Contract #: HHSN31620150051W

Contract period: 5/1/15 - 4/30/20


Contract is held by CAS Severn's teaming partner, GTRI


Contract is held by CAS Severn's teaming partner, Patriot-Comm